Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Scan and x-ray results coming

To all who are praying I thought that I would give you a heads up on some results we will be waiting to recieve. This Friday (10/26) I will have a scan done from my shoulders to my pelvis and they are looking for any growth or spreading that may have occured since the cancer has grown in my lungs last summer. I like to think that they are looking for any shrinkage that may have taken place since I started this last regimen. I have already had some x-rays done of my chest last Thursday (10/18) to see if there are any fractures in my ribs. Sometimes when cancer has spread to the bone it will compromise the integrity of the bone and cause fractures which in turn cause pain. I've been having that kind of pain, but the doc says that it is probably due to the chemotherapy. The x-rays are more for ruling out the spread instead of confirming it. The results of these tests will come next Tuesday (10/30) and we will post the results asap. Since I work for my doctor I may get them sooner, but I have an official appointment next Tuesday so I expect he'll wait until then.

Other than these things I am doing well. Many of the cancer syptoms have gone away except the labored breathing and lack of energy. The doc changed my meds in an attempt to alleviate my breathing problem and some high blood pressure issues. In doing so I have pain throughout my body because the meds he took away were to help me cope with the pain of chemotherapy. Though my breathing and blood pressure may be getting a little better I now have to tolerate the pain. It's always a trade-off. However, I think it may be easier, at this point, to manage the pain than it is to not be able to breath well. I really hate the whole shortness of breath thing.

I have really enjoyed settling in to my new ministry of being a cancer chaplain for my doctor. It is so neat to be able to freely spread seeds of the gospel on the hearts of the patients from day to day. I love the people I work with. They care for me daily it seems and I'm fortunate to be under their constant care. They care for me because they care. It's nice. I love them and pray for them often. Dr. Huh is a great doctor and his care for the patients is rivaled by no one in the immediate area. He truly cares for them. I pray for him as he carries an enormous weight on his shoulders of trying to heal people of a killing disease. Some of those patients are not going to be healed and it falls to him to inform them of their fate. I see him struggle with this from time to time and I pray for him. Many patients have told me of the compassion he has shown them and how he has even shed tears with them when the news isn't good. Enough cannot be said of Dr. Huh and his staff.

We are settling into our new home now (sorry no pics yet) and we are so very thankful to God for everything He has done to bring this about. We were surrounded from day one by about 12-15 people who helped us clean, paint, move and settle in. If I start thanking people I will miss someone. It's almost as if God said to these people " Here are the Brokering's, I'm entrusting them into your care. Do for them what is necessary to move and I will watch and reward accordingly" and they heard Him say this and obeyed immediately. I assure you, they will be abundantly rewarded. God bless you all.

In closing I would ask you to pray for some faithful prayer warriors who have been praying for me. Mrs. Brahs and Mr. Owatta. They both have been such encouragements to me, but unfortunately they have been afflicted with the same thing that I have, colorectal /colon cancer. As you pray for me include them as well. Their faithful prayers have meant so much to me and I would imagine our prayers would mean as much to them. Share this blog with others that they may pray as well.

Thanks and God bless you all for you love and prayers

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Grandpa went to be with the Lord

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for our grandpa with small cell cancer. He passed peacefully this morning (10-3-07) in his home at 10:17a.m.

The funeral is tentatively Friday. Pray for hearts to be touched. You never know how his passing may provide an opportunity for others to think of their own mortality and eternal destination.

Pray also for grandma and their children as they were all with him when he drew his last breath. The impact of that is a little more reality than anyone would want to deal with.