Saturday, January 10, 2009

Welcome to a new year!!!

Well we are back home. Christmas was once again a wonderful time. We kept pretty busy so it kept us very occupied and less time to think. We did have many "Warren moments" (as I call them), times that made us laugh and times that made us cry. Christmas night and New Years Eve night were probably the most difficult moments, but my family was so gracious to just let me have my quiet moments to myself. One of the highlights of our trip is going to Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America. It was a difficult day for the children and I as that was one of Warren's favorite things. He loved to video the kids and ride with them and watch them laugh and have fun. Anyway, Christmas is a wonderful season and is a time to reflect on what God has done for us. We are so blessed!! Amid the trials that God allows in our life, there is so much blessing. I think for me the joy of Heaven has so much increased. What a day that will be!! Warren wrote this little poem in him journal:
"There are days of darkness and gloom, that does not always lead to despair and doom. As I open my eyes and see where I stand, I find myself in the hollow of His mighty hand. Dare I think to fail amidst this light trial? It would only be the work of Belial. Oh victory is sure when God is in control. But we must not fail to give our hearts to him as whole. Only then can we truly understand our trial and afflictions; they come as He planned. And so we some day pass or He His Son will send to deliver us to our heavenly home. And never again will we toil or roam."
-Warren Brokering
I hope everyone had a wonderful blessed Christmas season!! Please keep us in your prayers, each day is just another day to adjust without Warren. Thank you for all the notes of encouragement!! It not only is a blessing to me, but is helpful to the children as I try to read them some of the notes.
Happy New Year!!