Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Need your prayers

Hey all!

I had some x-rays taken yesterday to see why my breathing is so labored. It came up negative for any breathing problems, but I think it revealed something that rose a red flag in Dr. Huh's mind. I'm not for sure about it because he didn't say anything specific, but he did put a hold on treatments for a month and ordered a CT scan in 3 weeks. Whenever he does things like this I know something may be up so pray that God will reveal to him the problem and the solution.

While I'm on this month break he says he will be monitoring my cancer marker and my pain level. Both have elevated in the past few weeks. This will give him a chance to see if the marker will rise aggressively or not and if my pain will continue to elevate as well. Of course the scan will reveal any of the causes or results of a growing marker and elevation of pain.

So to some up the prayer request remember the rising marker, pain, a bad cough (hurts my liver pain when I cough) and my very labored breathing. Thanks so much for praying. We need it desperately every day.

God bless,
Warren and the fam.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Answers to prayer

Hey all,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you that I have been approved for funding to recieve the clinical trial medicine. I am eligible for at least 6 months worth of the medicine and maybe another 6 months if needed. I will have a co-pay and I'm not sure how much that will be, but we pray that the Lord will provide. I will also continue to take my Xeloda (a pill form of 5fu chemotherapy) through the trial and I will have a co-pay on that as well. The Lord knows.

This is all the information I have as of now. Dr. Huh has not spoken of the details of this trial as of yet, but I'm sure he will now knowing it's available. I will update the info as soon as I know what we're doing and when. Until then keep us in your prayers and believe that God is able.

God bless,
Warren and fam.