Sunday, August 29, 2010

Catching Up

My goodness how time flies. I'm sorry to those who have checked my blog and I haven't posted for months. I have had some computer issues and it was hard to post on the blog. Anyway, I'm up and running and ready to blog again. We have had a very busy summer and I can't believe we are already back in school. Oh how I miss the summer months. The stringent schedule of school is very difficult for me. The school year ended with my little man graduating from Kindergarten and that was very emotional. Then we started the summer off with 2 weddings. It was a crazy beginning. For the 4th we went to visit Warren's family and had a very nice day, then a couple weeks later we left for Minnesota for a week. We went to the Children's Museum, the zoo and Mall of America and celebrated a birthday at the American Girl Cafe. The week turned into a two week trip as we ended up going to my sister's because her basement flooded and they were in Palau. So mother and I and the kids went to Wisconsin to help with the house and then welcomed them home from Palau. We came home for 2 weeks and then back to Wisconsin for a Rodabaugh reunion. It was a wonderful time to visit with my dad's family. We had not all been to together in many years. There were 41 of us. We were all there but one cousin(and he was missed very much). It was really hot, but we still had a great day visiting and catching up. We came home and started school two days later. AHHHHHH!! Where did the summer go? The children are growing as you will see from the pics. We had some interesting issues come the summer, but were able to work on them and some we still are. I had a big birthday this summer and it seemed to really affect my little boy. I dreaded this birthday, not because of aging, but because I am getting close to the age of my husband and will soon pass him. It is difficult to think he will never grow old as I will. He will always be 41. One night I heard heavy crying and went to talk to my son who said "mommy, you turned 40, then you'll be 50 then 60 and then you'll be dead". What do you say to that? I reasurred him with lots of love and the fact that I am here now and we pray that God will give me a long and healthy life. What a burden for a little boy to have. I hate that he has those thoughts. God has been good to us as always and we are so grateful for his love for us even when we can't see the way.