Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

I left today for Minnesota for Christmas. I was doing very well until mid Wisconsin and I ran into a great deal of snow. We had to stay in a hotel tonight because we could no longer drive. I was getting tired and knew 6 or so more hours in a snow storm with three children and going 35 mph would not be something I could mentally handle. :) We are watching The Wizard of Oz (which is Chloe's favorite movie) and we all have our electronics (it's really sad).
It is so nice to go home and be with family during this time. Christmas has been a wonderful time for me through the years, but obviously this year it has a bittersweetness to the season. I do pretty good as long as I don't think much about it. :) At this point I just want to get through Christmas day watching the kids open their gifts and enjoying being spoiled. Even though I had taken on many things when Warren became sick, there was still many things he did that I have now. He always did the video camera and I took photos because I did scrapbooking. I now have both and that is very tricky. He also took care of getting the car ready for trips and checked all those things during the trip. This is quite an adventure while traveling with three children. Anyway were going to finish The Wizard of Oz and then off to bed to begin the traveling again. Thank you to many who have prayed for us during this trip, I really appreciate your prayers please continue to keep us in your prayer were not there quite yet!!! :) Have a wonderful blessed

Monday, December 1, 2008

Another week......

Well, Thanksgiving is over. I really had a wonderful weekend with David P. and his family. I was so thankful they came to spend the weekend with us. The time flew by which right now is a good thing. We had a good time talking about and remembering Warren and just having a good time of fellowship. I am so thankful that they gave up a holiday with their family to spend it with us during this most difficult time. We spent Thanksgiving day with Warren's family and had a very good time. It was a strange day to be there and not be with Warren. We went to the cemetery on Saturday. The stone had been placed in the ground. I like to go there, but it is very hard to leave. Sunday was a very difficult day, I assume because everything slowed down and thoughts creep in that sometimes cannot be stopped. Oh how I miss him so much. Today is December 1 and we have snow!!! I know for some of you that isn't a big deal, but in southern Indiana it is nice to have snow for the Christmas holidays. On the way to school we thanked the Lord for the beautiful snow that he gave us that gave us a wonderful smile and cheerfulness. Just a note to thank Dave and Carla for giving their vacation to me. It was so helpful to have them here during this time and the kids had such a great time. Thank you so much!!!