Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to Chemo

Chemo has started again. The treatments are 72 hours of chemo every 3 weeks. Warren is also taking the new trial chemo which is in pill form. He takes 1 pill a day for 4 weeks and then 2 weeks off. This is the best mixture to have with the trial chemo. This week was his first round and he is exausted. He has been nauseated on and off, and has also had a terrible soar throat. They have given him more medication to combat the throat problems, but that won't take affect for another 24 hours. They also gave him fluids today, because of dehydration. He constantly sleeps and can barely talk. Please be in prayer as one of the nurses told me it could be a very rough weekend. We also found out that the tumor marker went up to 288, but has dropped to 144!! Praise the Lord!! We knew it was climbing, but didn't know how high. It is still high, but we are thankful God gave us a little ray of sunshine and the nurses and Dr. Huh seem encouraged.
After he was released from the hospital and several tests later, we have discovered that Warren's gallbladder is only working about 5%. He also has 4 stones in there as well. The specialist said it is too big of a risk right now to do surgery on the gallbladder and it is better to focus on the tumor. Most of the pain is from the tumor on the liver, so it would not eliviate the pain. The surgery on the gallbladder would be a major surgery and right now that is out of the question unless there would be serious infection. God has taken such good care of us and we have been blessed above what we deserve. School has started and we have sent Spencer to K-4 this year. He and Chloe (1st grade)go to a christian school, and Maddie (3rd grade) is homeschooled. Spencer goes 1/2 day, so it gives Maddie and I all morning to do school. Please continue to pray, we covet them daily!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hospital Visit

Today brought another challenge. Warren's day starting with vomiting. When he called the office to let them know he would not be in today, Dr. Huh said he wanted Warren to go to the ER, because there could be an obstruction. So we drove to the ER (stopping along the way to bond with the side of the road). After an x-ray and fluids, the ER Dr. said the vomiting could be caused from some chemo left in his system or maybe a virus of some sort, but there was NO OBSTRUCTION!!! Praise the Lord!! It is not easy to determine what the vomiting is from because Warren has also received his first IV iron yesterday because his iron is low, that is due to some kidney stone problems he has had for a week or two. He has been off of all chemo until his iron count goes back up and there is some change in the kidney stone issues. So the ER Dr. thought it best to keep him overnight for observation and to make sure he does not continue getting sick through the night. When I left tonight he was doing much better and eating solid food. He was not feeling sick anymore, so that was a wonderful blessing. We are thanking the Lord that this was not a bad situation, but still continue to pray that Warren will be healed!! Thank you for your prayers, on days like this it helps to get you through knowing there are many prayers going out for us!!!!